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6:00 ARA City Radio
The English speaking service [Podcast]
14:00 Graffiti
D'Jugendsendungen [Podcast]
17:00 Bistro
De Magazine [Podcast]
18:30 Bloe Baaschtert
D'Lëtzebuerger Musekszeen [Podcast]
18:30 (alternating)
1. Radio coopérative
Debatten und Stimmen aus dem globalen Süden [Podcast]
2. Music
18:30 Lilis Box
Women and Vibes
18:30 Happy hour
The English speaking magazine [Podcast]
18:30 Iwwert d'Maueren ewech
20:00 (alternating)
1. Metal Mayhem
2. Psycho Circus
Metal Musek Magaziner
20:00 (alternating)
1. Lidderhanes
Alles iwwer Folkmusek [Podcast]
2. Latin Vibes
Musica Latina
3. Soul Influence / 21:00 Music
Soul Music magazine
4. ca s'écoute près de chez vous Tout sur la musique lusophone présenté en français. [Podcast]
5. Music
20:00 Juke Joint
Blues [Podcast]
20:00 (alternating)
1. Jazz.com
2. Jazz Aller-Retour
Jazz Music Magazines

20:00 Transatlantic Tunes
For Rock and Roll'ers [Podcast]
21:00 (alternating)
1. Bordertown
Alternativen Country- an Rootsrock [Podcast]
2. Visions of the Past
Eng musikalesch Rees an d’Vergaangenheet [Podcast]
3. Cosmic Trigger
Post Rock Musek [Podcast]
22:00 Odds and Ends
Hörspiller, Dokumentären, RADIA Kreatiounen
22:00 Salam Show
The first radio show in Arabic, English and French in Luxembourg [Podcast]
22:00 (alternating)
1. - 3. Mondophon
Sounds der Welt [Podcast]
4. Spirit of Africa
African Music Discovery
22:00 Ritmo Latino
Un voyage à travers l'Amérique latine [Podcast]
23:30 Midnight Country
Country Musek
23:00 Music Mix 23:30 (alternating)
1. Bordertown
Alternativen Country- an Rootsrock [Podcast]
2. Visions of the Past
Eng musikalesch Rees an d’Vergaangenheet [Podcast]
3. Cosmic Trigger
Post Rock Musek [Podcast]
23:00 Sabor a Mí
00:00 Speed of Sound
1:00 - 6:00 Music Mix
Playlists & Rediffusiounen


06:00 Juke Joint
06:00 Music Mix
Playlists & Rediffusiounen
08:00 Transatlantic Tunes
09:00 Country Café
Country Musek Magazin [Podcast]
09:00 Raagamalika
Classical, semi-classical and folk tunes from the indian subcontinent[Podcast]
10:00 Voices by Passaparola
Magazine en langue italienne [Podcast]
10:00 Desi Vibes
India in Luxembourg[Podcast]
11:30 Sentieri Sonori
Musica alternativa italiana
11:30 Malinyé
Worldmusic [Podcast]
13:00 (alternating)
1. + 3. Sci Fan
Science Fiction, Fantasy an Horror Kultur
2. Lët'z Hack!
Luxembourg hackerspace Level2 [Podcast]
4. Whatever
Spoken word and music that was made to be funny
13:00 Jehona
L'Albanie au Luxembourg
13:30 (alternating)
1. Garage Rock
2. Music Mix
14:00 (alternating)
1. + 3. Rock Rendez-vous
Music Made in Luxembourg [Podcast]
2. Black Market Music Show
Thematesch Musékssendung [Podcast]
4. Guerilla Rock Radio Show
Rock'n'Roll [Podcast]
14:00 Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier
Hard Core, Metal, Rock, Lo-Fi, Pop, Industrial a Progressiv [Podcast]
15:00 Bahse Roz
Radioshow in Farsi [Podcast]
16:00 Let's be friends
Expat communities in Luxembourg [Podcast]
16:00 Kamikaze
Rock, Underground, Independent, Stoner & much more! [Podcast]
16:30 Bazar éclectique
Electronic Music
18:00 Music Mix 17:30 Lazy Sunday
Alternativ Musek
19:00 (alternating)
1. Nol op d'Plack
Vinyl Mix [Podcast]
2. Music Mix
19:00 The Deep End
A delectable blend of sounds [Podcast]
20:30 The House Party
House Music [Podcast]
20:30 Sabor a mí
Cultures musicales du grand SUD [Podcast]
22:00 Sound Fiction
Elektronesch Musek aus Lëtzebuerg [Podcast]
21:30 (alternating)
1. Fresh Beats
2. Music Mix
23:00 Music Mix
Playlists & Rediffusiounen

Fréier Sendungen / former shows

bis 2017
The Roy Peter Show , vu Country bis Rock
bis 2016
Jump, Jive, Jam
Out Loud
Jammin', Reggae Radio Show, good vibez guaranteed!
Histophonica, D'Geschicht vun der Musek
bis 2015
Corner Café, the Englishspeaking Magazine Program
Moie Kitty, Déierenémissioun
bis 2014
Silent Running, elektronesch Musek - al Berliner Schoul
bis 2013
ARA Flashback, e Réckbléck op 20 Joer Radio ARA