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Multilingual News

With : ARA Editorial Team Everyday at 6.00, 13.00 and 18.00
Listen to Local News in Arabic, Tigrinya, Farsi or Spanish 1-2pm

Ollies Oddballs

With : Oliver Every Thursday at 14.00
Half radio show, half podcast, this hour long segment narated and curated by Ollie aims to explore themes such as: art, politics, cancel culture, …

Soundwaves mam Braddelflexi

With : Felix Every Second Friday at 14h
Vu Musik bis Gebraddels ass hei alles dobai!


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20.3.2021 - Atari Underground Chiptune Resistance Nr: 21

Show: Lët’z Hack
Date: 20/03/2021 1:00 pm

Over/ underrated: a music podcast

With : Babs and Fran Every Thursday at midnight
Do you believe the hype? Fran (living in the UK) & Babs (based in Belgium) talk about bands and artists potentially given undue credit & musicians who …

I’M der Podcast der EUCH gut tut

With : Isabel and Marilène Every four Saturdays at 13.00
I’M der Podcast der EUCH gut tut ist ein monatliches Treffen, auf Deutsch und Luxemburgisch mit Isabel Beirer und Marilène Oberlin, das sich auf …

2020-12-26 Ara Russia - Secrets of happy family life

Show: ARA Russia
Date: 26/12/2020 3:30 pm

Lauschter Mol!

With : Max, Phoebe and Emma Every second Friday of the month at 16.00
Mir sinn de Max, d’Phoebe an d’Emma vum Podcast „Lauschter Mol!” um Radio Ara op deem mer iwwert gesellschaftspolitesch Themen am …

Get Involved!

ARA is the Community radio of Luxembourg since 1992, and it plays a social key role for all the citizens that live in the country, by broadcasting its program in more than 10 different languages, and bringing local communities together.