Published on 09/03/2022 1:20 pm

I am Marina Khomutova and this is a radio show in Russian ARA RUSSIA for peace.

We changed the name of the show to better reflect our main goal – to unite listeners of various nationalities who can speak and think in Russian and in every possible way contribute to the further unity of people, regardless of their nationality. We are for peace!

Now, when tragic events are taking place in Ukraine, this is especially important. I am half Russian, half Ukrainian, I spent my childhood in Kharkov, my relatives live in Russia and Ukraine, and it hurts me to see what is happening now.

The position of Ara Russia for peace is very simple – we are against war.

And today we want to talk about those people in Russia who, despite the danger of such statements, also oppose the war. You all know that condemnation of the war is now very severely persecuted in Russia.

They call it high treason, disperse demonstrations for peace and send people to prison. But despite this, many actors and musicians spoke out against the war risking their lives.

And the purpose of my program today is to pay tribute to the courage of these people and play their music. Now, it is obvious that they will not perform concerts soon, and their recordings on radio and television will also apparently be banned.

But we want to give them the floor here, and to convey to everyone – the Russians are against the war. Putin is not Russia.

Peace on the world!

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Established in 2019, ARA Russia is the radioshow dedicated to the russian speaking community living in Luxembourg

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2022-03-09: Ara Russia for peace – Russian musicians against war