Published on 06/04/2022 1:20 pm

Today my guest is the writer Olga Kaverzneva. Recently her book was published. It is written in collaboration with Tatyana Markova. The name of the book is “I was in your shoes. Long road towards life.”

This is an unusual book. Olga herself defines it as autofiction. That is, the stories are real but they are written literary. And they are about something worse than anything: two mothers faced with severe, rarely curable diseases that hit their children.

The form of the book is very unusual, it is a live communication of co-authors: there is an exchange of SMS messages, letters, and pages of their diaries.

The book is completely charitable – neither the publisher nor the authors received a fee for their work, and the book itself is distributed free of charge. The authors believe that its purpose is to help the reader not only alleviate suffering or save the lives of loved ones, but also pull himself out of despair.

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