Published on 18/05/2022 1:20 pm

My guest today is Anna Levadnaya, mother of two children, pediatrician and neonatologist. She is Phd and popularizer of medicine.

She is also an author of a blog about pediatrics on Instagram with an audience of more than 2 million parents.

In this interview, Anna Levadnaya  talk about her post against the war in Ukraine. As a result she was fired  from a state institution and forced to leave Russia.

We talk about her plans, about what it’s like to blog with such a huge audience. How she has enough time and energy for everything?

Whether that post was worth a canceled career and emigration from Russia?

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2022-05-18:Dr Levadnaya – a pediatrician and influencer with over two million followers had to leave Russia because of her antiwar position