Published on 07/09/2022 1:20 pm


Our guest today is Ben Sutcliff . He is the Professor of Russian Studies at the University of Miami. He came to Miami University in 2004 while completing his dissertation on images of everyday life in Russian women’s prose.

Sutcliffe’s research focuses on contemporary prose. He is currently examining late-Soviet author Iurii Trifonov and the relations between the intelligentsia, writing, ethics, and history.

Ben Sutcliffe now teaches at the branch of the university in Differdange. He and his students give free online and distance English lessons to Ukrainian refugees in Luxembourg.

The professor also teaches two very popular special courses – one is called “Russia’s Europe: envy, fear and fascination”, and the other is devoted to Russian folklore.

So we talked about Russian literature, about how and why the professor learned Russian. And also who is learning Russian these days. What are Slavic students most fond of and what are the favorite books of the professor himself.

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