Published on 22/02/2023 1:20 am

A new Luxembourg Ukrainian Researcher Network (LURN) was created at the University of Luxembourg.

It was initiated by Dr Inna Ganschow and assistant professor Marten Düring. Both are of the University’s Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History. Dr Marina Laurent of the University’s Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences also supported the project.

“The objective is to give visibility to the community of Ukrainian colleagues and their activities, both among themselves and among the wider research community in Luxembourg. Since they have arrived in Luxembourg recently, we want to facilitate their contacts within a new environment”, says Dr Inna Ganschow.

And today we invited Inna Ganschow to our studio.

The expectation is also for the network to stimulate new research projects.

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2023-02-22:LURN – Luxembourg Ukrainian Researcher Network at the University of Luxembourg