Published on 18/08/2023 1:30 am

Anna  Radishevskaya, the director of the Kalinka school, is my guest today. We gather every year in the summer to review the academic year and discuss our future intentions.

And as always, the school has a lot of news. To begin with, next year’s enrollment is nearly complete, and the youngsters will most likely study in three shifts. Many new circles, as well as the Theatre Studio, have been introduced.

The project “Once upon a time there was Luxembourg” is still ongoing; these are trips to the Grand Duchy’s most fascinating locations. The Ukrainian community actively participates in this effort as well.

Actually, the director of the Kalinka school, Anna Radishevskaya, will explain everything much better than I can – in a few minutes – don’t switch.

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2023-08-18: Kalinka international school