The GZ Show

With : Georgia Sanderson every Thursday at 2pm

Tune in and join a voyage across the decades of international music, guided by Generation-Z Georgia. Energetic, passionate and bursting with bonkers …

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Double D Show

With : Dave and Dave Every second Saturday of the month at 16:00

Inspired by the legendary John Peel, our music mix jumps across eras and genres – 50s doo-wop, dance, death metal, hip-hop, funk, folk …. …

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#8 Great gigs we've seen!

Show: Double D Show
Date: 15/01/2022 4:00 pm

#7 New Year's Day 2nd show launch...our resolutions!

Show: Double D Show
Date: 01/01/2022 4:00 pm


With : Simon Every Saturday at 18:30

The in sounds from way out! …

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