Published on 04/03/2023 2:00 pm

Jazz is apolitical, it can thrive under any regime. And so it happened, that there were people during Communism who dared to openly show their love towards jazz and blues. Our jazz “legends”. Their message, however, could only (slowly, but surely) be fully expressed after 1989 when it gained new and much larger audiences. And even though there are not so many records in the Slovak and Czech jazz or blues catalogues, the scene is very much alive!

Introducing: Peter Lipa (Slovakia), Jana Koubkova (Czechia), Dan Barta (Czechia) and Free Faces (Slovakia).

And this is just the beginning!

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With : Peter Every second Saturday at 2pm

This show is for those who think they have heard everything, as well as for the others, who are not afraid to open up and listen to new musical ideas. …

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Blues and Jazz and all things nice….