Published on 07/01/2023 2:00 pm

Let’s start this year with some upbeat synth and pop music of the 80’s! All according to the motto of one the songs performed in the show by the group Ventil RG: I’d rather be active today, than radioactive tomorrow!


  • Richard Muller first with Burciak, then with his own group Banket
  • Jan Kuric (Slovak folklore guy) and Robo Grigorov (Slovak reggae guy), who both started in the group Ventil RG and later formed their own groups Vidiek and Midi respectively
  • Janek Ledecky (father of two times Olympic gold medalist Ester Ledecka) and his Czech INXS called Zentour
  • Ocean – Czech response to Erasure with their late singer Petr Muk
  • YPS – brief Slovak creative experiment with their everlasting hit: Mum, buy me an X-ray machine. Enjoy!

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With : Peter Every second Saturday at 2pm

This show is for those who think they have heard everything, as well as for the others, who are not afraid to open up and listen to new musical ideas. …

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Synth(etic) Pop+ of the 80’s