Published on 18/03/2023 2:00 pm

Once you cannot (for political reasons) listen to the original, at least you can listen to a cover version. The list of them in the socialist Czechoslovakia was long. Some foreign songs were approached very carefully, with respect to the original and so sometimes they turned out to be even better than the original. But not all the time, of course. Enjoy the selection of cover versions that changed the history of popular music in Czechia and Slovakia!

Introducing: Helena Vondrackova and Jiri Korn as the Brotherhood of Men, Helena Vondrackova as Dusty Springfield, Karel Zich as Elvis Presley, Pavel Novak as Ray Charles, Hana Hegerova as Jacques Brel, Marie Rottrova as Ozzy Osbourne, Marta Kubisova as Paul MacCartney and Karel Zich and Lenka Filipova as Air Supply.

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With : Peter Every second Saturday at 2pm

This show is for those who think they have heard everything, as well as for the others, who are not afraid to open up and listen to new musical ideas. …

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This is how much we loved covers!!!