Published on 27/01/2021 4:00 pm

The music is the usual mad mix, jumping from REM to 21 Pilots, The 1975 to Fleetwood Mac, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers to the Cranberries…

The chat is also a typically diverse blend: the joys of Boba Fett, the write-in rage at the cancellation of Sabrina and the renewal of Riverdale, the hidden charms of Mean Girls 2…

What’s new is the presenters! Welcome to Alex and Laura as they join the B122 presenting team with their debut show – which, despite the unfortunate timing of a parent calling, is a lively and engaging episode airing the thoughts and sounds of today’s teens!

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B122 Show

With : St George's International School Every second Wednesday at 16:00

The B122 Show’s presenter roster varies across shows, as do the topics covered depending on what has inspired the St George’s Media Studies …

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2021 January 27th Alex Laura debut