Published on 16/11/2021 11:00 am

This week we’re turning to Croatian port town of Šibenik. The third-largest city in the Croatian Dalmatia region is a tourist hotspot and a place where the picturesque river Krka flows into the Adriatic sea. It is also the home of a post-punk/noise band called Diskodelija.

The four-member Diskodelija formed in 2009 and were once described as the most sinister Dalmatian band of all time. Staying true to their noise-punk-rock creed, band members Vulko, Šime, Davorka and Rule took the description and ran with it. They released their first album in 2014. Titled  U Vremenu/In Time, the album gained them much critical acclaim. Despite their non-compromising sound was a hard sell in Croatian mainstream radio.

Five years of hard work before the release of their first album paid off, however. Not only was the fanbase pleased to see Diskodelija produce an actual album. The band – now under the auspices of a niche record company Dancing Bear – could now focus on new material. Their second album followed only a year and a half later.

Diskodelija’s second album Crvotočina/Wormhole was a bit on the short side, but in the end the consensus was that it was better for the band to say what they wanted to say and not needlessly fill up time. The album proved that Diskodelija were not just some blip on the radar but that they intended to stick do their dirty post-punk sound no matter what. They also let everyone know they do not intend to make any sort of compromises.

In May this year Diskodelija released their third album, titled Sveluzija. Probably best translated as All-lusion, as opposed to I-llusion, the album shows that a five-year hiatus was more than worth it. On their latest album, Diskodelija remain true to their noise roots, but also add new psychedelic layers. The result is an album best consumed at a loud volume setting. If you’re into that sort of thing, of course.

Check out Diskodelija on Spotify, Youtube or wherever you get you music from. Balkan Express will be back next week.


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Balkan Express takes weekly trips into contemporary musical production of the Balkans.

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