Published on 05/10/2021 11:00 am

Lelee are Jelena Rusjan on vocals, Damjan Manevski on guitars and Jan Kmet on percussion. Each of them has an existing musical engagement and enough mileage to more than just hold their own. Together they’re pumping out something they call Adriatic indie rock.

The band is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia – where, incidentally, yours truly is spending a couple of days, so there – but most of their lyrics are in Croatian and/or Serbian (sometimes it’s hard to tell, I’ll be honest), with occasional forays into Macedonian.

In addition to the trio, there are other people who appear on the album as well, adding instruments as need be. No matter how you look at it, Lelee is a true cross-cultural cooperation. Which is what this show is all about.

Other than the charmingly self-referencing Adriatic indie rock (because, what is that, exactly) Lelee can be plastered with other, more conventional labels. They are, in turn, presented as post-punk, indie-rock and an alternative rock band. As for good reason, as all these sub-sub-sub-genres can be detected on their debutante album Čuka bije pumpa, roughtly translated as the Beating Pump.

You should out Lelee on Youtube, Spotify, Bandcamp and wherever you get your music from.

Balkan Express takes weekly trips into contemporary musical production of, you guessed it, the Balkans. Forget the gusle and tamburice, this show is about rock, pop and a sense of humour. Well, at least there’s guitars. On air most Tuesdays in a new-and-improved time-slot at 1100 hrs. Usually. Your train conductor is Aljaž (aka @pengovsky) who once did the world a solid and decided never to sign again in public. Which is why he ended up doing radio

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Balkan Express takes weekly trips into contemporary musical production of the Balkans.

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