Published on 01/06/2021 11:00 am

MRFY are a four-member band from Novo mesto, Slovenia. They identify as indie rock, neo-psychedelic and shoegaze group.  The group wants “to search and find solid ideas burried somewhere inside each individual painted with original emotions and truths”. Which is a real “tell me you’re a Millennial without telling me you’re a Millennial” moment.

And while they do that, they come up with catchy tunes. MRPFY have won the hearts and sometimes even minds of, well, Millennials and other age groups throughout Slovenia and the region.

MRFY (pronounced “murphy”) have been around since 2013, touring various stages and event. Regardless, they took their sweet time to release their first and to date still their only album. Story was released in 2019 and contains their all their previous singles and some new material.

This led MRFY to new heights of popularity, at one point even opening for Skunk Anansie. Their newfound stardome came to an abrupt pause as the andemic struck. Luckily the group decidec to use age of the plague constructively and started working on the material for their next album.

And while the fans eagerly await MRFY’s second album, you can check them out of Spotify, Youtube or wherever you get your music from.



Balkan Express takes weekly trips into contemporary musical production of, you guessed it, the Balkans. Forget the gusle and tamburice, this show is about rock, pop and a sense of humour. Well, at least there’s guitars. On air most Tuesdays in a new-and-improved time-slot at 1100 hrs. Usually. Your train conductor is Aljaž (aka @pengovsky) who once did the world a solid and decided never to sign again in public. Which is why he ended up doing radio

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Balkan Express takes weekly trips into contemporary musical production of the Balkans.

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