Published on 22/03/2022 11:00 am

This week we are taking the train all the way down to North Macedonia. Again. Not in the least because it has an abundance of music for electric strings, basic chords and simple and powerful rhythm. In short, we will be talking about Macedonian punk. Specifically, a band called No Name Nation

No Name Nation have been around since 1994. Meaning  they saw and experienced all the ups, downs and sidesteps North Macedonia has had over the decades. And they let it be known how they felt about many of those. But just in case anyone missed the point, they titled their first album U pićku mater. Or, in plain English, Fuck Off.

For an influential punk band – an influential they are – No Name Nation have been surprisingly inactive in studio. Over the years they released only two full-length albums and a shared EP. But perhaps that is the point. Punk bands are meant to be on stage. And No Name Nation make it no secret that they are at their best (or worst, as it were) playing to a crowd.

After the release of U pičku mater in 1999 No Name Nation waited almost two decades until they released their second album. Released in 2018, Nova Era Isti Qurac, or New Era, Same Shit, is just as in-your-face pure punk energy as its ancient predecessor was.

Back in the 90s, No name nation were a four-member group. Things got, well, streamlined over the years and of the initial set-up, guitarist and vocalist Božo Vučinič and bass player Robert Sisirovski remained. They took on Danko on percussion and turned No Name Nation into a powerful punk trio.

No name Nation seem to have decided that two decades between albums is a bit too much. Even if you do claim to be a zero-fucks-given punk band from North Macedonia.  This is probably why they have released two singles already. At this rate, their third album is only about a decade or so away. If you catch our meaning. But be that as it may, No Name Nation remain a full-blooded punk band and are as such a worthy addition to the Balkan Express collection.

Check out No Name Nation on Youtube, Bandcamp, and wherever you get your music from. Balkan Express will be back next week.

Balkan Express takes weekly trips into contemporary musical production of, you guessed it, the Balkans. Forget gusle and tamburice, this show is about rock, pop and a sense of humour. Well, at least there’s guitars. On air most Tuesdays in a new-and-improved time-slot at 1100 hrs. Usually. Your train conductor is Aljaž (aka @pengovsky) who once did the world a solid and decided never to sing again in public. Which is why he ended up doing radio

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Balkan Express takes weekly trips into contemporary musical production of the Balkans.

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