Published on 02/11/2021 11:00 am

Paraf went through multiple evolutions from their beginnings way back in 1976. They released their debutante album »A dan je tako lepo počelo…« / »And the day started out so nicely…« in 1980. As with any self-respecting punk band, things in the band soon spiraled out of control following the release of their first album. And that is not to say all was well in the band before that, either.

But by all accounts, their post-punk phase, lasting until 1986 was perhaps most influential. The second evolution of the band was also the most lyrical, reflecting the fact that the band again went throuhg lineup changes and generally got, well, older.

As it happens every so often with progressive music, the  album Zastave / Flags, was largely ignored by the critics. It wasn’t until much later that the artistic value of the album was recognised by the musical mainstream and the album is now considered as the band’s best.

It would turn out that Zastave, Paraf’s best album would also be their last. At least in terms of the band being continuously, together. The band officially disbanded in 1986.

To this day, however, the band would still occasionally get togeher. Last year they’ve re-released their debutante album. A dan je tako lepo počeo / And the day started out so nicely. And if news reports are to be believed, they are actually working on a new album, too. So, while the true believers consider the band defunct, you can perhaps still catch Paraf live on a stage somewhere in the Balkans. Older, wiser, slower, but still live.


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Balkan Express takes weekly trips into contemporary musical production of the Balkans.

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