Published on 18/12/2020 9:00 pm

Lex and Patrick interviewed punk troubadour Pascal vu Wooltz, hip hop artist Jacques Rasic aka StA and dark drone duo Judasz & Nahimana.

Check out the playlist below:

Manu Chao: La Vida Tombola (3:16)
De Pascal vu Wooltz ft. StA: My Dearest Friend (2:21)
De Pascal vu Wooltz: The Room (2:05)
StA ft. RTLC: De Funk am Blutt (3:03)
Shmo: All Caps (3:38)
The Majestic Unicorns From Hell: Vivaldi Opus III (3:45)
Adliga : Vandrounik (7:09)
Judasz & Nahimana: Ma mort, ma dulcinée (7:21)
Judasz & Nahimana: Fine (4:04)
Judasz & Nahimana: Absolution (8:01)
Judasz & Nahimana: Almas Danificadas (7:40)
Judasz & Nahimana: L’Vrne des 1000 défunts (10:22)

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Interview with Pascal vu Wooltz, Jacques Rasic and Judasz & Nahimana