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Published on 12/03/2021 9:00 pm


Stereo Total: Schön von hinten (2:50)

Blessed: Structure (4:35)

Andrew W.K.: Babalon (4:17)

Dÿse: Laicos Neidem (4:27)

Dusk Of Delusion: In The Army Now (3:54)

Davi Rodriguez de Lima: Eternal Children (5:32)

Splendidula: Drocht (6:44)

Mr Bungle: Methematics (8:46)

Marianas Rest: Glow From The Edge (6:19)

Nikos Korfmann: I Love To See You Naked (1:58)

Alice Cooper: Our Love Will Change The World (3:39)

Public Practice: Understanding (4:41)

Siren: Science Fiction Movie (4:28)

Ratboys: Backseat Angel (2:27)

Rocket Freudental: Feldherren und Stiefellecker (3:22)

Altin Gün: Yekte (3:46)

Anneke van Giersbergen: Hurricane (3:57)

A Shape: Iron Pourpre (3:30)

Kontrolle: Zugang zu Informationen (4:23)

23 And Beyond The Infinite: Las Vegas (5:23)

The Notwist: Ship (4:04)

Abdukt Life: Flipper (4:11)

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Cosmic Trigger

With : Eaubi and Lex Every third Friday at 21.00 (REPLAY - Wednesdays at 23.00)

Cosmic Trigger started in late 2001 as a pure post rock show. Over time the spectrum became broader, presenting a wider array of rock genres. Often we …

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