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Published on 11/06/2021 9:00 pm

Special: music from Portugal



Grimgotts: For The Power (4:42)

Rebellion: World War II (5:25)

Mindpatrol: Terminus (5:07)

Fractal Universe: A Clockwork Expectation (4:56)

Scarred: Merry Go Round (4:32)

Tantra: Om (8:40)

Quarteto 1111: Pigmentaçao (4:24)

Galgo: Garras Dadas (7:02)

Paus: Yess (4:12)

Noiserv: Sempre Rente Ao Chao (3:56)

Linda Martini: Horario De Verao (3:15)

Catacombe: Carrossel (6:25)

Killimanjaro: December (4:33)

Cancro: Sindrome Do Caranguejo (2:43)

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Cosmic Trigger

With : Eaubi and Lex Every third Friday at 21.00 (REPLAY - Wednesdays at 23.00)

Cosmic Trigger started in late 2001 as a pure post rock show. Over time the spectrum became broader, presenting a wider array of rock genres. Often we …

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Special: music from Portugal