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Published on 14/01/2022 9:00 pm

Interview with blues musician Kid Colling and Hugo Nogueiro Centeno of Attitude concert agency



Opensight: Thunderball (2:45)

Kid Colling Cartel: In The Devil’s Court (5:07)

Kid Colling Cartel: On The Block (4:01)

Kid Colling Cartel: I Ain’t Welcome Anymore (6:12)

Kid Colling Cartel: Limbo Of Your Heart (7:04)

Bring To Bear: No One Knows (4:09)

Praetor: Screens (4:23)

Ghost Noise: Wasserrauschen (4:02)

Atomic Rocket Seeders: The Marvellous Journey Of Captain Johnny Green (5:15)

Freshdax: Boom, nëmme Boomer (3:03)

Ptolemea: Mad (3:27)

Amanda Chaudhary: Invocation (Miaou Bast) (2:57)

Nubdug Ensemble: Espejo (2:33)

King Woman: Morning Star (3:53)

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Interview with Kid Colling and Hugo Nogueiro Centeno