Published on 01/07/2022 9:00 pm

Interview with Luxembourgish post rock band Pleasing



STA: Flow sou wéi eng Baach (3:02)

King’s X: Let It Rain (4:16)

BRNS: My Head Is Into you (4:36)

Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?: In Tangerine (3:11)

Boogaloop Boy: Cebolla Larga (2:36)

24/7 Diva Heaven: Potface (3:25)

Old Man Gloom: EMF (3:54)

Cave In: Blood Spiller (4:01)

Tom Jones: Treat Her Right (1:59)

Tom Jones: Land Of A Thousand Dances (4:41)

Zwakkelmann: Männergrippe (3:18)

Clutch: The Regulator (5:25)

Pleasing: Spill Yourself (3:22)

Pleasing: Oddly (4:28)

Pleasing: Y In You (7:31)

Swampborn: Sleepingstatic (7:54)

Wet Leg: Chaise Longue (2;16)

Corvus Corax: La I M Bealtaine (4:45)

Danger Dan: Ingloria Victoria (3:00)

Brutus: Dust (5:39)

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Cosmic Trigger

With : Eaubi and Lex Every four weeks at 21.00 (REPLAY - Wednesdays at 23.00)

Cosmic Trigger started in late 2001 as a pure post rock show. Over time the spectrum became broader, presenting a wider array of rock genres. Often we …

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Interview with Luxembourgish post rock band Pleasing