Published on 29/07/2022 9:00 pm

Interview with Boogaloop Boy, Colombian Beat maker / Producer based in Luxembourg



We Knew John Doe (ft. Maz): Upadana (3:46)

Boogaloop Boy: Allium Cepa (1:54)

Boogaloop Boy: The Last Onion In The Fridge (2:30)

Boogaloop Boy: Rotten Onions (2:40)

Boogaloop Boy: Red Onion (3:16)

Boogaloop Boy: Onion Rings (3:04)

Boogaloop Boy: Ceballa Larga (2:36)

Ponte Pilas: San Ignacio (3:03)

King Khan & The Shrines: Que Lindo Sueno (3:15)

Teke Teke: Yoru Ni (4:00)

Odd Couple: Fahr ich in den Urlaub rein (3:28)

Italia 90: Borderline (3:57)

Battles: Juice B Crypts (3:23)

Sheebaba: Big Bull (2:53)

Mono: Scarlet Holiday (7:36)

The Squid: Peel St (4:52)

Odds Ratio: You Give Me Fever (3:55)

Die Kassierer: Sex mit dem Sozialarbeiter (2:35)

D.R.I.: Who Am I? (0:46)

D.R.I.: Money Stinks (0:43)

D.R.I.: Human Waste (0:20)

D.R.I.: Yes Ma’am (0:48)

Clutch: Big News I (5:14)

Clutch: Big News II (2:23)

Trucks: It’s Just Porn, Mum (3:26)

Faber: Generation YouPorn (3:01)

Swiss & Die Anderen: Wo bist du?  (3:43)

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Interview with Boogaloop Boy