Published on 18/11/2022 9:00 pm

Interview with Hugo Nogueira about the Hall-O Metal festival and Lost In Pain’s farewell show

Interview with Bavarian avant prog musician Anton Zinkl


Babymetal: Divine Attack – Shingeki (3:38)

Blanket Hill: Defcon One (3:22)

Fusion Bomb: Concrete Jungle (4:11)

Cosmogon: Toxisick (2:25)

Lost In Pain: The Great Illusion (6:22)

Liturgy: 93696 (14:52)

Parity: Utopia (4:20)

Suck: Gravedigger (2:29)

Zinkl: Des Pudels Kern (7:28)

Zinkl: Mutter (6:22)

Zinkl & Gordon: Black (6:06)

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Cosmic Trigger

With : Eaubi and Lex Every four weeks at 21.00

Cosmic Trigger started in late 2001 as a pure post rock show. Over time the spectrum became broader, presenting a wider array of rock genres. Often we …

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Interviews about the Hall-O Metal festival and with Anton Zinkl