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Published on 30/07/2021 9:00 pm


Brooze: ADEM (1:57)

fluppe: Nikki Swango (3:20)

Iggy Pop: I’m Bored (2:47)

Motorpsycho: Kingdom Of Oblivion (6:58)

Babymetal: Megitsune (4:08)

The Hu: Sad But True (5:32)

Camilla Sparksss: Psycho Lover (4:42)

Nobody’s Cult: Hangover (3:21)

Cassete Pirata: Outra Vez (3:08)

The Polyphonic Spree: The Porpoise Song (6:20)

Danielson Famile: We Don’t Say Shut Up (2:05)

Conjurer And Pijn: High Spirits (9:12)

Wolfredt: The Flood (5:47)

Give Up The Failure: Holy Drug (6:20)

Jess And The Ancient Ones: Love Zombi (4:39)

Gong Wah: Just Sayin’ (6:40)

Selfless Orchestra: Eden Is Lost (8:23)

Fleur: Plus de rouge (2:43)

Linn Koch-Emmery: Hologram Love (2:54)

HGich.T: Plastiktüte (2:06)

Rise Against: Nowhere Generation (3:52)

Sleaford Mods: Mock n Mindy (3:24)

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Cosmic Trigger

With : Eaubi and Lex Every four weeks at 21.00 (REPLAY - Wednesdays at 23.00)

Cosmic Trigger started in late 2001 as a pure post rock show. Over time the spectrum became broader, presenting a wider array of rock genres. Often we …

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