Published on 18/12/2021 4:00 pm

The opening track by electro oddballs Devo sets the tone… The day before the winter solstice*, the shortest day of the year, the Double Ds hope to bring some light into your life with the usual mix of eras and genres but chosen to reflect the festive mood!

There’s a bit of everything this month: a quiz (5 rather anti-festive clips…), the Double Ds exchange presents, a valid excuse to play some Korn, friend-of-the-show Laura as a guest, messages from past/future interviewees MindPatrol, Kitshickers and Norwegian Modesty, a blast of opera from one-time Mayhem drummer Torbin, a good reason to visit Wales, a few seasonal shout-outs, some genuine Xmas classics … plus William Shatner, Motley Crue, Snoop Dogg and James Brown…?!

If you think you can identify the 5 clips (1st: just the artist being mimicked; 5th: the famous actor!) send us a message on our Insta, @doubledradioshow (no Shazaming!) and we might give away a prize or 2 in our 1st 2022 show… We’re always looking for suggestions of interesting guests to interview, from music and wider culture, so hit us up if you’ve any ideas or contacts! Have a great 2022 folks!

*erm … okay, so we confused our dates with November’s show!!! The geographer and I honestly do know when the solstice occurs!

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Inspired by the legendary John Peel, our music mix jumps across eras and genres – 50s doo-wop, dance, death metal, hip-hop, funk, folk …. …

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#6 Solstice and seasonal celebrations…Double D style!