Published on 17/07/2021 4:00 pm

The start of a beautiful journey through countless alleys and avenues of great music ignoring all restrictions of era and genre … and the occasional glimpse of agreement between Gen X’er DB3 + Gen Y/Millennial OD … Yes, Dave and Dave are here to brighten up your Saturday (60 mins of every 3rd Saturday anyway!) with a mix of music and musings from your British/Irish expat hosts. Where else will you get The Stooges alongside All Saints; Danzig rubbing shoulders with Morrissey (now there’s a celebrity fight we’d pay to see!)?

We’re hoping to add some interviews soon: local bands, cultural/media figures… Any suggestions on this, or music you think we MUST hear, give us a shout on Instagram (doubled radio) or email ( Cheers!

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Inspired by the legendary John Peel, our music mix jumps across eras and genres – 50s doo-wop, dance, death metal, hip-hop, funk, folk …. …

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#1 July 2021 killer kick-off show