Published on 01/01/2022 4:00 pm

We’re back … and we’ll now be back TWICE every month, a double helping of the Double D Show! We discuss our hopes and goals for 2022, including setting each other some goals we’ll track across the year … and there’s ‘pie kebab’ and potato bread too – sharing some of the culinary and cultural delights of Wigan and Antrim, our home towns! Appreciating that there’s a few sore heads around today, the music is mostly quite mellow but varied as always, jumping from Plastic Bertrand to the Beatles, Cancer Bats to Happy Mondays, and a slice of smooth soul to kick it all off … featuring a riff you’ll all recognise as it was sampled in one of the all-time iconic rap songs…

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Inspired by the legendary John Peel, our music mix jumps across eras and genres – 50s doo-wop, dance, death metal, hip-hop, funk, folk …. …

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#7 New Year’s Day 2nd show launch…our resolutions!