Published on 16/10/2021 4:00 pm

Our 2nd interview with Luxembourg cultural figures is with the excellently named The Kitshickers, a band who merge elements of prog, doom, metal and more in an eclectic mix. You can find them on Spotify, their own site (, (where you can buy their albums plus vinyl and other merch) and a range of social media. We spoke to band members Boris and Gilles about everything from their use of Sean Connery cult classic samples to the impact of Jackass … and that time they faced arrest on the Swiss border…

We also play the usual mix of music alongside samples of the Kitshickers’ glorious sound, from funk metal gods Primus to northern soul legend Shirley Brown. Don’t forget you can also hear our 30 mins debut DJ set from last month’s special gig at the Rotondes on our page – and we’re looking for guests to feature in future shows … You can contact us on our Insta: #doubledradioshow (and credit to the Kitshickers’ design gurus: the logo is designed by De Gutz and the image featured is ©Jean-Claude Dahn –; Boris and Gilles talk about their intricate cover art in the interview…)

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#4 Kitshickers interview: from facing Swiss arrest to J-Lo love…