Published on 04/06/2022 6:30 pm


This week’s show is dedicated to the output of the Neubau label.

Based in Vienna, the label was founded by Florian Stöffelbauer (aka Heap) and Simon Heidemann in 2015 and is now run by Heap and Bocksrucker.


Aufgang B Demo 1 [Tolouse Low Trax Remix]
Karamika Ton 15
Leo James What Happened To You (3rd Wave Remix)
Mr. Ho Envy [Dieter Flegel Remix]
Sheila Fleurator E-moon (Food for Thought)
Bocksrucker The Devil Has Spoken
Alexander Arpeggio Streng Geheim
Gil Barte Sssjp
MR TC & Lo Kindre The Storm (Heap Ambient Trance Remix)


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