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Published on 17/05/2022 10:00 pm

Take Two of The Global Wonderground has DJ Kish Mish fly you to the marvelous harmonies of the lovely land of Brazil, an important and amazing country for world music. With so many fine and funky folks to choose from, this episode focuses particularly on women musicians and groups from the mid- to late-20th century, from famous singers such as Gal Costa and Flora Purim to the more-obscure like Ana Mazzotti, Marilene, and many others. Prepare your pão de queijo, pour yourself a caipirinha, and come along for the journey into the spectacular world of Brazilian music!

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The Global Wonderground proposes to take you on an adventure through one of the many musical corners of the world. Each show, your host Kish Mish will …

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The Global Wunderground, Episode #2, 17/05/2022: Brazilian Women Artists