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Published on 03/06/2021 6:30 pm

Sabine and Fernand Wolff open their beautiful private garden to the public this coming weekend, 5 and 6 June, and on the 26 and 27th of June, as part of the European-wide  ‘Rendez-vous aux jardins 2021’  initiative taking place in Luxembourg for the first time this year. (Luxembourg has long had its own open garden weekend at the end of June though, and the Wolffs have always taken part)

Sabine and her husband have created a unique paradise over decades of hard work in partnership with Mother Nature and the Helmsange recycling centre!  It now only grows a huge range of flowers, but also harbours old bicycles that are being claimed by vines and tendrils. There are bee hives, little bridges, a pond, surprises at every turn – and gorgeous mosaic tiles cover everything from the patios to the water pump and stairs, all done by Sabine herself.

If this garden gives any indication of what the Rendez-vous has in store, we are all in for a very big treat!   Find out more about this initiative at

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A delightful rendez-vous in the garden, with gardener Sabine Wolff