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Published on 28/10/2021 6:30 pm

Tara Schuster is a ‘ninja of self-love’ who was formerly the vice president at Comedy Central and worked on The Daily Show and Key & Peele.  But success doesn’t equal happiness, and Schuster hit rock bottom before finding back her joy through daily rituals.  She shares this hard-earned knowledge with humour, candour and style in her best-selling book, ‘Buy yourself the f@cking lilies’. Afterward, we turn to other scary things besides our inner demons.  Like climate change and what artist Ben Carter is doing to raise awareness through his exhibition ‘Make Climate Cool Again’.  And we end on a spooky note with Halloween poems and short stories by Bee Baumann, Dave Earl and Wendy Winn.

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Buy yourself the f@cking lilies – with Tara Schuster