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Published on 03/08/2023 6:30 pm

Writer Susan Alexander is best known for two series, ‘The Snowdrop Mysteries’ and her ‘Eve Paxton Trilogy’. Her characters are relatable, educated, fun and mature (yay!!), with a knack for getting awfully close to some serious trouble and having difficulties with Agas in the Cotswolds.  On this week’s Happy Hour on Radio ARA, Susan will read excerpts from the 21st book in The Snowdrop Mysteries, which is coming out this autumn, and from ‘Listening to Joseph’, a stand-alone book she’s working on simultaneously. We’ll also talk about books in general and make some recommendations from our summer reading lists, and I’ve got some charming music that conjures up summer holidays in the south of France and Italy.

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From snowdrops to summer reads with writer Susan Alexander