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Published on 10/06/2021 6:30 pm

Producer Grantly Marshall tells us about an award-winning production of Hamlet that has toured the world and is now coming to Luxembourg for an outdoor performance at Beaufort castle.  The production, unlike any you’ve seen before, blends the quatro and folio versions and uses life-size puppets and music as well as stage actors to bring the classic tale to life.  Grantly also reveals something amazing – he just discovered Shakespeare is his great (great, great, great, etc.) uncle.  He’s a direct descendent from Shakespeare’s sister. (

Another surprise is that due to technical difficulties, my carefully-collected playlist of songs inspired by or making reference to Shakespeare could not be played during the show.  Fortunately, the Ferocious Few came to my rescue – I had two CDs on me, featuring the raw, passionate music that makes Francisco Fernandez the international star that he is.  I snapped a photo of him busking in Luxembourg last weekend – but he doesn’t just play on street corners – he’s opened for huge acts and played major festivals in the US and toured extensively in Europe.

Third surprise of the night was that the technical difficulties also meant the show couldn’t be broadcast online, so here it is, as a podcast.  Still in time to hear more about this Monday’s Hamlet production and it’s always the right time to discover The Ferocious Few!  ( – also can be found on Facebook)



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Hamlet and the Ferocious Few