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Published on 22/04/2021 6:30 pm

The pandemic has made us all reflect on our own mortality.  What used to be pushed to the back our our minds has become a preoccupation.  While being aware of this can help us to stop putting off till tomorrow the things we really want to do and seize the day, how are we doing as a largely secular society dealing with these huge aspects of life?   Is social media become our new way of holding wakes and sharing emotions?  Are we missing out on rituals, and traditional ways of moving through the stages of grief? Luxembourg psychotherapist, writer and – believe it or not, stand-up comedian! – Catherine Bennett talks with us tonight about some of life’s biggest topics, and we have a really fun chat and a few laughs over what might not appear at first glance to be all that amusing.  Plus, cool music in honor of Earth Day including a new track by local Luxembourg band Le Vibe.



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Happy Hour 22 April – a light look at heavy subjects with psychotherapist Catherine Bennett