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Published on 27/07/2023 6:30 pm

It’s a real mixed bag tonight – we talk about everything from writer and critic Elizabeth Hardwick, whose birthday was 27 July, to World Hepatitis Day, held annually on 28 July to raise awareness about the need to vaccinate and test for hepatitis as well as to seek treatment before serious liver damage or liver cancer result.  Over a million people a year die from hep-related disease, and most of those deaths could be prevented.  Hardwick had a turbulent but long marriage to poet Robert Lowell, so we’ll hear a couple of his poems specifically about marriage, and since the world just lost the fabulously talented, fiercely independent Sinead O’Connor, we’ll hear some of the music she left behind for us.  Also on the playlist, some of the artists who will be performing at the Rotondes between now and end August for the annual Conges Annules festival.  And, some Billie Holiday, just because.

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Hepatitis to Elizabeth Hardwick with Robert Lowell, Sinead, and Conges Annules too