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Published on 04/02/2021 12:00 am

What if failure were an option? If people realised it was par for the course, and essential to growth?  Bluebook Trainees at the European Institutions are holding an event on Youtube on 17 Feb – ‘FAIL! – European Institutions’ Trainees Edition’, where five very successful people talk about their failures!   The event, held in conjunction with the FAIL! movement started by students at MIT,  is being held to encourage people to be less afraid of making mistakes and more empowered to explore, learn and be curious.  Tonight, we’ll speak to two of the organisers, trainees Katherine Poole Lehnhoff from the European Commission’s DG Sante and Jules Zaccardi from Eurostat. Find out more about their event  – which you can also watch! –  on their website

BONUS!!!  We’ll hear the brand new single from Luxembourg’s own Le Vibe, and speak to singer/songwriter Andy about ‘Reset’.  It’s actually the perfect song for tonight.  Find out why!

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It’s okay to FAIL! and great to Reset – EU trainees and Le Vibe