Published on 07/10/2021 12:00 am

Meet Jon Kinsley from the Be Kipp Foundation, who is working to raise awareness about Sudden Cardiac Arrest and providing automatic external defibrillators to schools, sports teams and youth organisations.  This vital work is being done in honor and memory of Kipp Kinsely, an elite triathlete and an outstanding young man who was passionate about helping others.  Then we’ll go closer to home and speak with Dr Yvan Devaux, head of the Luxembourg Institute of Health’s cardiovascular research department, founder and chair of the Cardiolinc network (, and head of the COVIRNA project that aims to identify COVID-19 patients who are at risk of developing cardiovascular problems due to the disease, in order to offer them personalised medicine (tailor-made treatments and care).  Get some healthy heart tips and get inspired by the work being done to save lives and reduce suffering – much of the work being done right here in Luxembourg!

COVIRNA – A patient-centred Innovation Action aiming to generate a diagnostic tool to identify COVID-19 patients at risk of developing fatal cardiovascular complications.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest – BeKipp Foundation

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Let’s have a heart to heart! Presenting the Be Kipp Foundation and the COVIRNA project!