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Published on 06/05/2021 6:30 pm

Poet and writer Julie Fiedorczuk talks about Ecopoetics,just days ahead of a workshop she will lead with fellow poet Gerardo Beltran on 8 May 2021, organised by the Writers Who Talk asbl.  Look them up on Facebook to find registration details!  Even if you’re not that into poetry, or think

you’re not, you might find this discussion with Fiedorczuk of interest if you care about the environment, o

r about how artists and writers respond to what’s happening around them.  There’s plenty of food for thought in tonight’s episode, and for dessert, Vincent Price will take you to a rat-infested lighthouse so you get a taste of radio drama.  LEAPA’s radio play competition is open through 6 June, so get some inspiration from ‘Three Skeleton Keys’, and go to for more info about the competition.



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Poet Julie Fiedorczuk presents Ecopoetics