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Published on 16/02/2023 6:30 pm
On the first day of the Oruro Carnival and in the middle of Luxembourg’s carnival holiday, Bolivian poet and musician Rene Horacio Michel Valencia (aka Sir Tsinvari) talks about carnival and culture in Bolivia – and takes us on a lively insider’s tour of his country!  Learn about a fascinating mix of indigenous and European traditions and hear some great music all selected by Sir Tsinvari (find the full playlist on his Spotify account, or on mine, Wendy Winn’s!  (Also check out his blog
Sir Tsinvari joined us after getting off work at SES, where he is part of the and maritme solutions teams who are currently assisting in the aftermath of the earthquakes.  Mix yourself up a Bolivian Chuflay cocktail or a mojito, and tune in for great music and some Carnival culture!

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Sir Tsinvari celebrates Bolivian culture and carnival!