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Published on 21/10/2021 6:30 pm

Air traffic controller Dan Marx also has a passion for something a lot more down to earth than airplanes – he’s a model train enthusiast and a real artist at creating his own landscapes and designing track systems.  For his model train layout at home, he has even carved the Mullerthal cliffs and created a fictive town that has all the elements of a typical Luxembourgish village with its own Cafe de la Gare and even a kegelbahn (bowling alley).  We talk about how he got interested in model trains, how he works and shares this passion with his son, and how train travel and Luxembourg’s trains have changed over his lifetime.  Along the way, we promote the upcoming model train exchange in Steinsel on 31 October, and the Semaphore Art Studios Open House at the Oetrange Train Station on the weekend of 23 and 24 October, and even my poetry collection ‘Train of Thought, poems written on and about everyday commutes by train’.  We stay on track, but boy, do we cover some territory!  Great music too! 

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Talking about model trains with a model guest – Dan Marx!