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Published on 07/04/2022 12:00 am

Just a week after the Pope’s apologised for the Catholic church’s role in atrocities committed against indiginous children in Canada, Artist Heather Carroll and Lorian Mate, the daughter of a residential school survivor, talk about the difficulties faced by indiginous children and women in Canada and particularly, what happened to the children forced into residental schools where they were stripped of their native culture and faced abuse and gross negligence. Hundreds of these children died, and were buried in unmarked graves.   Heather Carroll’s Robe Rouge project raises awarenss about this and about the fact that indiginous women are many more times likely to be victims of violence.  Her 7-metre long red teepee dress – which visitors can walk into, symbolically receiving shelter –  is currently on exhibiiton in Beaufort (google Robe Rouge on Facebook), where there will also be story-telling, music and more through the weekend.  Carroll will take the project on the road later, in her nifty Robe Rouge caravan! 

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The Robe Rouge – supporting indiginous women and children of Canada – with artist Heather Carroll and Lorian Mate