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Published on 05/08/2021 12:00 am

Director of Actors Rep Luxembourg Erik Abbott (live in the ARA studio) and actress, director and acting teacher Lolly Foy (joining from her mobile office in Massachusetts) talk about which were written by Abbott and can be seen online in two international festivals: The Minnesota Fringe Festival (05. – 15. August 2021) and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (06. – 30. August 2021).

Set in three periods (spring 2020, autumn 2020, spring 2021), each story presents two characters in video conversations — a husband and wife separated by grounded flights (APOKALYPSIS: QUARANTINE), two cousins from an eccentric family (THE LAST OF THE COUSINS BECKWITH), co-workers who have never met who find themselves the only attenders of a meeting (WHEN WE GET BACK TO NORMAL).
With humor and hope, VIGNETTES OF A PESTILENCE confronts the emotional peaks and valleys of pandemic life, as well as the triumphs of love and laughter.
It can be viewed online at either festival by anyone, anywhere for the duration of each festival. For Minnesota, the three parts are available separately (each is about a half hour long). For Edinburgh, the entire piece is available as one show.
It is also scheduled to be shown at the Festival des Égarés (Théâtre Luxembourg – Le LabO Théâtre Differdange) on 28. August.
Written by Actors Rep Artistic Director Erik Abbott, the production is performed by Abbott, Christine Probst, and Minnesota based Lolly Foy. Philip Taylor, Founder and CEO of Morpheus Marketing was the Technical Consultant and Video Editor.

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Vignettes of a Pestilence, with Erik Abbott and Lolly Foy