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Published on 21/01/2021 6:30 pm

It’s not only in the person of US inauguration poet Amanda Gormon (@TheAmandaGorman) that excellent writing and outstanding style come together – they are pair up for tonight’s Happy Hour!   Oana Marangoci, Jess Baldry and Andrea Murphy tell us an intriguing tale of how the Writers Who Talk writers’ group is being transformed into an asbl to encourage and support creative writing.  The action (in this first of many volumes) peaks on 30 January, with the all-day launch party featuring local writers Robert Shofield, Wendy Winn, Erik Abbott, Olivia Katrandijan, Susan Alexander and  Andrea Murphy, as well as the Director of the National Literary Centre – Nathalie Lone Jacoby.

After talking about how to improve our writing style, we’ll turn to Neha Bhandari for some tips on how to improve our style in general.  She’s the creative force behind StylizedU, and she’s happy to help you get out of your baggy pendemic-era sweats and into something a little less embarrassing.  Who knows?  Upgrading your look might just upgrade your mood as well!

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