Published on 05/09/2023 4:00 pm
What did you do this Summer? I’ve embroidered another Romanian Blouse and I’ve also made a cultural association with my friends. It is called RoKultur and its aim is to bring cultural events to Luxembourg, events linked with the Romanian speaking community, but not only. In today’s show we talk about the events we have planned for this year and about our hopes for the future. We launch our association on September 16th, check our social media handles to find out more.
Ce ati facut vara asta? Eu am bordat o alta camasa romaneasca si am facut, impreuna cu prietenele mele o asociatie culturala in Luxemburg. RoKultur va aduce evenimente culturale pentru vorbitorii de limba romana din Luxemburg, dar nu exclusiv. Primul eveniment, lansarea, va avea loc pe 16 septembrie, alaturi de prietenii nostri de la Zestrea – Arta veche si podoabe. In emisiune de astazi vom vorbi despre celelalte evenimente pe care le pregatim pentru anul 2023, dar si despre anii urmatori. Mai multe amanunte veti gasi pe pagina noastra de facebook, RoKultur.

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In plain Romanian: What did you do this Summer?