Internal Regulations (RI) for Radio ARA presenters


1.1 Radio ARA presenters should be aware that the proper functioning, success and survival of Radio ARA depend on their commitment, their sense of responsibility and their professionalism. The access to the broadcast is managed by the ‘Programmkommissioun’ (PK).


2.1 New employees are required to respect the conditions of access to the branch.
2.2 Any presenter or non-profit organization must be a member of Mond op a.s.b.l. and having paid his membership fee before the first issue and before March 1st in subsequent years.
2.3 Every volunteers should pay a deposit (€ 20) for the door badge.
2.4 Anyone who wants to stop making broadcasts must inform the PK in advance. All material, which is the property of Radio ARA, is to be returned to the owner. The same applies to badges for access to the radio premises. When everything is in order the deposit is returned.
2.5 Presenters will observe current instructions regarding advertising and jingles to be played in their shows, as well as guidelines and information regarding the handling of technical equipment.
2.6 The potential moderators will have to go through the access conditions to be able to manage a broadcast on their own.

3. Program content

3.1 The contents of the broadcasts are subject to the following restrictions:
a) Observation of the concept of the program, as accepted by the PK. (see Annex: Access conditions)
b) Observance of government laws and the Specifications of Radio ARA of July 21, 1992, especially of Article 8: “The program must respect the human personality and his dignity, and may not contain any incitement to hatred for reasons of race, sex, opinion, religion or nationality. ”
c) Respect for colleagues, their programs, and discretion with regard to their personal data.
d) Each host will ensure that no indirect advertising is broadcasted.
e) The hosts are bound by professional secrecy in all matters relating to the radio.
3.2 All content, especially that including attacks against legal entities or entities, must be duly motivated and founded, and comply with the code of ethics drawn up by the press council: the facilitator will be aware that he / she may compromise the radio.

4. Organization of programs

4.1 The programs granted must be insured over the time. The facilitators will ensure that one or more broadcasts will be provided in case of emergency or absence.
4.2 For the proper organization of playlists (especially for public holidays and weekends) the deferred broadcasts must
be handed over to the office at least three days in advance. In the event of non-compliance, the program will not be broadcast.
4.3 The hosts are responsible for the formal quality of the programs. The hosts are invited to carry out continuous training offered by the radio.
4.4 Each volunteer is responsible for his / her guests and therefore for the strict respect of the RI by the guests.

5. Premises

5.1 Access to the premises of Radio ARA is reserved for radio operations. Any host should let in unknown people without being sure of their reason for visiting the radio.
5.2 It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the entire Radio ARA premises. Eating and drinking is prohibited in the studios.
5.3 The installations in the studios as well as throughout the local are to be respected. No one has the right to change anything at the technical installations. Any abuse with the devices will be tolerated.
5.4 Any accidental deterioration of equipment and / or premises, and any material and / or technical problem is to be reported immediately to the staff if necessary.
5.5 The right to put up posters in the premises is reserved to the staff.
5.6 Any use / reservation of the studios must be entered on the electronic calendar accessible via the website. These reservations must be done in advance and must be respected. For security reasons, the maximum number of people allowed in the studios is 6 people. For safety reasons, the use of the studios outside the working hours of Radio ARA staff must be inserted in the electronic calendar.
5.7 Badges must under no circumstances be passed on to third parties without the prior consent of Radio ARA board of members. In the event of loss or misplacement of badges, the staff must be informed.
5.8 It is forbidden to bring animals into the studios and offices of Radio ARA (reception area is tolerated).

6. Hardware

6.1 The loan of portable recording devices and other equipment made available for use outside the premises of Radio ARA must be duly requested, authorized and placed on a list provided for this purpose. The lender agrees to take the best possible care of the equipment. The equipment must be returned as soon as possible. When using this equipment, the lender must behave in an irreproachable manner, because he / she represents the radio.
6.2 Each authorization to access an event based on membership in ARA radio must generate a contribution to the program.

7. Copyright 

7.1 For any program or contribution which is supposed to be broadcast by other media, the PK must be informed. As Radio ARA has a podcast site ( authorized by SACEM, presenters are required to use this platform to provide access to their deferred broadcasts (Podcast).

Members must imperatively respect the above internal regulations and / or the PK directives. In the event of non-compliance with this regulation or the directives, the PK / MondOp may impose sanctions against possible offenders, up to and including exclusion from radio.

Internal Regulations