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Published on 14/05/2022 1:00 pm

DMA time!

Atari STE chiptunes + DMA digisound. Check out what the STE can do with a digital channel and the 3 classic YM square waves

First time I play tunes which are all needing the STE DMA channel. Previously I did feature them some times. But DMA enabled tunes do not fit my toolchain which is based off sc68, which does not play the DMA channel.
So I downloaded them from sndhrecord. But all these recordings have a lot of audio noise from the STE. So for the worst cases I used hatari to render the sound.
After the show was broadcast I reencoded all tracks with hatari, and built a new toolchain for that. Then discovered that hatari is a little buggy with the sound, so upgraded hatari and recorded everything again.
So here you are, finally, the first DMA sound chiptune podcast.

Selection and mixing: Gunstick @GunstickULM


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