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Published on 15/05/2021 1:00 pm

online Revision 2021

The biggest demoscene only party in the world. Usually held in Saarbrücken. But like last year an online version was done because of the pandemic.


Full competition results:


Click the links to see the entries:


Moderation: Gunstick @GunstickULM
Guest: Henri @nH10_9


  • Puryx – Ill Fated
    Winner of the streaming music contest
  • Wayfinder – Have We Learned Nothing?
    Winner of the executable music contest
  • Bonefish and Mygg – Brofists
    Winner of the tracked music contest
  • Puryx – Ephemeral
    Soundtrack of the 4K demo competition winner
  • H0ffman – phosphorizer
    Soundtrack of the 4K oldschool demo competition winner
  • Gaspode – amiga capella
    Soundtrack of the animation video competition winner
    Acapella medley of the following amiga demo classic tunes:

    • Romeo Knight – Rise Up
    • Jester Stardust Memories
    • Moby – Elekfunk
    • Bit Arts – Wasteland
    • Firefox & Tip – A Final Hyperbase
    • Laxity – Checknobankh
    • Captain – Space Debris
  • LMan and Sunflower – Misjudgement Day
    Winner of the oldschool music contest

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15.5.2021 – Revision 2021